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For this, you can do a master’s degree or participate in external certificate programs.

You have stated that you have received many documents. I do not know in which areas you have received certificates, but you can expand your business areas where you can work with the documents you will receive in areas such as Occupational Health and Safety, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Applications, and Environmental Officer. Chamber of Environmental Engineers has programs such as Air Quality or Noise Modeling. You can also follow them.

I am a very indecisive person, but finally I made up my mind and I want to be a successful environmental engineer in the future. I am a high school 1 student. Which courses should be good in high school right now, what qualifications do we have to be an environmental engineer, which university is suitable for being a good environmental engineer? If I cannot win the environmental engineering department in the exam or if our score does not hold, what profession or where should I go? Can you help me in these matters?

I suggest you study at a university where you can graduate well equipped in terms of both technical knowledge and English knowledge. Since I am a graduate of METU Environmental Engineering, it is not possible for me to comment on other universities. I would definitely recommend METU Environmental Engineering in terms of the two criteria I have specified. If you are targeting METU Environmental Engineering or equivalent universities, all of your courses will need to be good, especially science and mathematics. In addition, it will be useful to improve your English at school or by studying with external courses or online, to prepare yourself for the future.

You stated that you wanted to be a successful environmental engineer and decided accordingly. Therefore, I advise you not to miss your goal and to work hard to achieve the required scores towards this goal.

First of all, I thank you very much on behalf of everyone who benefited from the question and answer application you made to inform young people who are interested in engineering and students with question marks in their minds, I have no doubt that many people (especially myself) have benefited.

I graduated from a very good Anatolian High School in the last few years and my ranking was not very good because I had not worked throughout my high school life. When the problems I had experienced in the last year were also effective, I prepared for the exam again, but still I was not in the rankings I wanted. Since I did not have the opportunity to prepare for another year, I wrote Marmara University Faculty of Technology Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, my choice in the second place kept. Frankly, I did not know many of the choices I made in the last day, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering was one of them, but in the process from the announcement of the results until today, I have done numerous researches and tried to get as much information as possible about the department. Unfortunately, I still have unanswered questions in my head.

The first one is that the department is in the Faculty of Technology … As you know, unlike the Faculty of Engineering, mainly applied education is given besides theoretical education. Do you think this is a minus in my graduate education (I want to do a master with thesis) or in my subsequent job finding process? Will it cause me to be seen in the background by employers?

Another one is about the internships of the faculty.

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