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4- If you are asking my opinion; Make two internships of the sinide sinide separately … however, can be; You love yourself in the place where you do internship “Kal continue to continue, then you can then add it to the tip and get it in one time … I don’t think it’s a thing as damage … The important thing is to take the maximum of what we can get in the internships …

I am a student of Gazi University Civil Engineering Preparation Class. I would like to make a double nominated with computer engineering for the reasons you are talking about in your biography. Do you think is a correct decision when reading civil engineering?

If you have the possibility, I think that it will be very useful to make the double motherland in the Computer Engineering section. This information provides you the freedom of working in different sectors in the future and has gained a precious technical skill to develop creative solutions in many environments you enter.

The number of people who closely follow informatics and technology in the construction industry is still still very few. Therefore, there is still a lot of work in the sector. So if you improve both software and technology on software and technology, I think it will be a valued person in the future for the construction sector.

If you are interested in these issues, I recommend that you can improve your self in any case with the trainings that you can get on the internet even if you can’t do the double-member.

I am the Gazi University Civil Engineering Preparation Class Student; But I want to make a double major with computer engineering. Is both the digitizing world to adapt to the world as well as to make my professional life easier to make it a correct decision?

The latest developments in our world showed how important it is in every phase of our lives as you are talking about you. If we consider in this context; Civil engineering and computer technologies can be combined in accordance. For example, the bridge, road, air area can be further supported by artificial intelligence technologies in the design and construction of large systems. A number of smart software can be produced to automatically automatically automate the design and construction processes of these systems and / or control processes. In fact, learning the computer technologies is undoubtedly that this will definitely be further in this digitalization period, will give him privileges. In addition, it will be even more easy to learn computer technologies for you because one person will be much more creative and efficient in an area where you are curious. I’m observing that there is a double main branch with computer engineering in the faculty and other faculties I work in. These friends often observe that they are very successful because they come with a motivation justified by themselves. In short, if the conditions are appropriate, the double main branch can be evaluated. However, if the material reasons are not available for some reasons such as the GPA (double major, side branch.

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