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In this way, both the user and the customer are placed at the center of attention. The program is characterized by ease of use, the possibility of sharing and transversality. Genya’s goal is to optimize processes for better work organization and to do this it uses an intuitive and innovative user interface and relies on cloud technology.

The program can be accessed from any device as it has a cloud platform. The advantageous direct line between the Firm and the Client cancels the data entry process, speeding up operations. By saving time and paper, productivity increases. Access to the various functions is simple and intuitive. In addition to this, business intelligence tools help keep customer performance monitored, so that everything is always under control.

Atlantis Evo caters to growing businesses by offering a reliable and easy-to-use accounting management solution. Source: https://www.atlantisevo.com/

The Atlantis Evo accounting software seems to meet the needs of companies looking for a program with an excellent quality / price ratio. It belongs to the middle range of the accounting management software market and is distributed under a freeware license. It also has a free version, Atlantis Evo Lite, complete with all the basic functions. The tool allows you to manage all the important areas of the company: accounting, warehouse, billing and e-commerce. It is a well-structured solution that aims to meet the needs of modern growing companies.

Atlantis Evo is written entirely in Java language therefore it can be used on different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and allows for high automation and customization of processes. In this way, management is greatly facilitated. A great advantage of the software is its portability which allows you to use it from a USB stick or an external hard drive. It is also particularly suitable for growing companies because it is possible to scale it on PostgreSQL databases, one of the most powerful and reliable open source databases.

Although the functions of Atlantis Evo Lite, its free basic version, are limited, they are still sufficient for a small business. The convenience is that you can test the program for a period without having to buy it and then decide whether to switch to the paid version.

Equipped with different versions that meet the different needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, PromoGest is an open source management software with a GPL license from the company Promotux. It is based on the Python language, which therefore requires installation. The purpose of the program is to speed up production processes to facilitate business. While the website has several shortcomings in terms of presentation and design, the program itself is solidly structured.

The user interface is intuitive and therefore easy to use. With PromoGest you can manage data and documents with ease, even if the free basic version One is limited in its spectrum of functions (maximum 50 documents and manageable movements and 500 items): after all it is a single station and single company. The commercial Pro version, on the other hand, is designed more with business needs in mind: the main feature is the scalability with multiple terminals at the same time.

PromoGest is also available as a web version, and can therefore be reached from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Finally, it is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

Even in its free version, the ErgoSoft Gestionale software offers everything you need to manage commercial activities and shops. Source: https://www.ergosoftgestionale.it/

Despite the old school aspect of the website that leaves room for doubts about its reliability, ErgoSoft Gestionale is a complete software and not only offers support in the management of accounting activities, but can also be connected to your e-commerce site.

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