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This Andalusian city will surely leave you charmed thanks to its beaches, its sea and its splendid historic center.

Close to Seville (1h30 by car), it is the perfect destination for a day trip during your trip to Andalucia! Once you have parked your car in one of the city’s underground car parks, you will have a lot of fun walking around the city.

So, what to do and see in Cadiz? Where to sleep? Follow our guide on places of interest in Cadiz and find out what to visit in Cadiz in 1 day.

Start your holidays in Cadiz from Plaza de San Juan de Dios. This square built in the 16th century was for a long time the heart of the city, thanks to its proximity to the port. Here many exotic products from India were traded.

In this square, it is possible to admire 2 splendid buildings: the town hall and the church of San Juan De Dios. The Plaza de San Juan de Dios, embellished with water jets and fountains, and surrounded by cafes and restaurants, is very pleasant for those who walk on foot.

After crossing the Constitution Bridge, continue straight along Las Cortes de Cadiz Avenue and Astilleros Avenue. You will reach the port and its underground parking. Once parked, you will be close to the historic center, the best starting point for a day in Cadiz.

At the entrance to the square, in Ramon de Carranza avenue, you will find the tourist information office of Cadiz. Here you should be able to get a tourist map, which will make it easier to find your way around the city!

Dated to the end of the 1st century BC, it was discovered by chance in 1980. It is the oldest in all of Spain and one of the largest, and is capable of accommodating over 20,000 people. Today, the proximity of the surrounding buildings prevents further excavations.

Feel free to enter, the visit to the museum and theater is free. Although small, I liked the way the tour is organized, you can even walk into an underground hall under the bleachers.

With its golden dome, Cadiz’s most famous monument can be seen from anywhere in the city while strolling. Begun in 1722, the construction of the Cathedral of Cadiz was completed only a century later and, for this reason, it mixes different architectural styles such as Baroque and Neoclassical.

The Cathedral, located in the historic center, was nicknamed by the locals “Catedral Nueva”, as opposed to “Catedral Vieja”. Catedral Vieja is also known as the Church of Santa Maria which, as you have surely guessed, was the former cathedral.

So, in addition to the cathedral, also take a look at the Church of Santa Maria. It is located nearby and admission is free.

During your visit to the new Cathedral, you should definitely climb the Torre di Poniente (or Torre de Poniente, in Spanish), one of the cathedral’s bell towers. Once on the top, you can admire a splendid panoramic view of the entire city. The view from up there is particularly impressive!

After the cathedral, you should walk to the Cadiz market. For me, going to the market is a must when you discover a city or a new location. It represents the best way to discover local products!

To go there, take Calle Compania to Plaza de las Flores (so called because of the many flower stalls you will find there).

You will then arrive at Plaza Libertad and its central mercado. Unlike the other Andalusian markets, this one is not very big, but it is undoubtedly perfect for sampling some fresh local products. It is the best solution if you want a good cold cut and a good cheese sandwich!

Close to the market, going first towards via Alcala Galiano and then turning left into via Sacramento, you will meet Torre Tavira, one of the 126 (that’s right!) Towers of Cadiz.

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