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This type of guarantee, although it is often also granted for products sold by third parties and shipped by Amazon, is usually only insured for products sold and shipped by Amazon.

Having said that, you will understand that it is easy for me to give advice too if I am sure that the user can possibly write to myself or to an Amazon employee to understand how to return the purchased product.

2. Huawei P8 Lite, 16 GB of rom, 2gb of ram (this smartphone allows you to choose between second sim and micro sd): http://amzn.to/1JQgBuP

3. Moto G 2015: this smartphone is one of the best in this price range because it mounts pure Android similar to what happens on the Nexus. Motorola, in fact, was Google for a few years and, even today, phones can boast firmware without unnecessary customizations or superfluous applications.

Until yesterday it cost 189 euros, today it is offered at 245 euros. I therefore recommend the Wiko Fever unless this returns to its old price: http://amzn.to/1SsW8TS

I recommend: choose products sold and shipped by Amazon. You can find this information easily under the price, where you can choose the color.

Thank you. The P8 lite was on my first list along with the Xperia M5 Aqua never marketed in Italy although I had been expecting it from the end of September. Having said that, a clarification: the offer from my telephone company would allow me to have the Z5 compact for around 300 euros. This is why I had thought of it: at full price it would have seemed a useless expense. If you want to comment on this too, thank you!

2. You have cheaper prices if you think that, thanks to us, you can activate the Vodafone special 1000 which, at a cost of 10 euros every thirty days, offers 1000 minutes 1000 sms and 2gb in 4g.

hi, I need some advice on a smartphone that can support android 6 in the future with a display of at least 5.5 inches, I had thought of the letv x 500 which with its 3 gigabytes of ram metal structure etc. says a lot, but I doubt a update of the manufacturer, I have a budget of about 315 euros, what can you advise me about? thank you very much to anyone who will answer me.

I suggest you buy the 32GB Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML, red or gray, from the following link: http://amzn.to/1k6bujl

It is sold by Wireshop and Fulfilled by Amazon. This means, in practice, that Amazon still recognizes all possible and imaginable guarantees. For failures in the first two years, it usually offers you the replacement of the product or the full refund of the amount spent.

If you are not fully satisfied, write me more precisely the ideal features for your smartphone.

hi, thank you for the advice, but today a friend of mine received the letv x 500 1 if I have to say that the quality is astounding for a Chinese product, so much so that I bought the x 900 immediately because he is absolutely convinced of the brand. simply fantastic there is no other term to define it. happy holidays and on grossoshop two years there are anyway 🙂

many users have bought with Grossoshop and have provided me with sincerely conflicting opinions. My uncle was having trouble with a phone warranty.

I cannot tell you, then, what it is like since I have not had personal experiences. Then I am convinced that Grossoshop, in a way not too different from Gearbest, has only warehouses and staff in Europe but, in essence, deals with dropshipping.

I always prefer Amazon or, if I want to save money, some Chinese sites with which I have direct contacts.

I am happy, however, to have been able to meet you and I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas,

Hi, I would like some advice on which smartphone to buy and I would like it to fall within a price range between 300 and 500 euros but I can also go a little further.

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