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If the contracting authority finds against the successful bidder the lack of these requirements or the lack of truthfulness of what has been declared, it cancels the award and awards the works to the next competitor in the ranking, after verifying the requirements, it receives the provisional deposit, complaint the facts constituting a possible crime to the judicial authority and reports to the authority for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies for registration in the computer file.

4. The verification referred to in paragraph 3 may be arranged on a sample basis with respect to the additional participating companies, pursuant to and with the procedures of the Presidential Decree no. 445 of 2000. If the contracting authority finds the lack of these requirements, it reports the facts constituting a possible crime to the judicial authority and reports it to the authority for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies for registration in the register computer scientist.

5. Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, if it is appropriate to ensure the prompt execution of the contract stipulation procedure, the bidder may, within the limits of the law, be invited to also produce documents that can be acquired ex officio.

6. Subjects belonging to other States of the European Union must produce certificates corresponding to the declarations made in accordance with the legislation in force in the State of establishment.

7. In the case of foreign companies belonging to the European Union, if the foreign state in which the winning company is based does not provide for the issue of any of the required certificates, or if these documents do not contain all the required data, they can be replaced from an affidavit; if no such declaration exists, a solemn declaration made before a judicial or administrative authority, a notary or a qualified professional body, authorized to receive it under the legislation of the State itself, is sufficient, certifying its authenticity.

1. If the contracting authority avails itself of the right to limit the number of suitable candidates invited to submit a tender pursuant to Article 58.25 of the law, the selection is made on the basis of objective and non-discriminatory criteria such as, by way of example, those indicated in attachment N.

2. For the purposes of this article, the contracting authority requires in the tender notice the presentation of specific substitutive declarations of certification and deed of notoriety, subsequently verifiable pursuant to article 66, certifying the possession of the requirements identified by the tender notice to for the purposes of selecting competitors.

a) assigns a score to each competitor, resulting from the sum of the scores assigned in application of the criteria established by the announcement;

b) form the ranking of competitors, in descending order of total score and select the companies to invite.

1. For the purposes of admission to the competitive dialogue, the announcement indicates the qualification requirements referred to in article 34 paragraph 1 of the law as well as the requirements prescribed for designers, in accordance with the provisions of title III, chapter II of this regulation; candidates must possess the aforementioned design requirements or make use of qualified designers, to be indicated in the proposal, or participate in a grouping with qualified persons for the design. The notice may indicate specific operating methods with which the contracting authority communicates with each admitted candidate, in compliance with the principles set out in article 33 bis, paragraphs 7 and 8 of the law.

2. Candidates admitted to dialogue pursuant to article 33 bis, paragraph 5, of the law are assigned a deadline for submitting one or more proposals, accompanied by a feasibility study with the relative cost forecast.

3. Pursuant to article 33 bis, paragraph 10, of the law, the contracting authority may request candidates admitted to the dialogue to present solutions for improvement with respect to the proposals submitted pursuant to paragraph 2. On the basis of the solution or solutions chosen and of the related feasibility studies, the contracting authority includes the intervention in the planning of public works.

4. The final offers, to be submitted pursuant to article 33 bis, paragraph 12, of the law are accompanied by the preliminary project of the work and the special performance specifications. The preliminary project drawn up by the contractor of the dialogue is included in the programming. The subject entrusted with the dialogue provides for the preparation of the final and executive design and the execution of the work.

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