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My needs are: Photos, videos, gaming, excellent display, fluidity and of course durability. Personally I am oriented on the Mate S, Galaxy s6 edge (or edge plus) or on the p8.

Now I am using a lumia 930 and I must say that I was fine .. But I have no idea how much the new lumia 950 will cost with the operator.

On this I go directly without any doubt: it is absolutely not convenient for you to buy the phone with your operator.

With a prepaid card you are free to do what you want and take advantage of the competition, being able to buy the phone from Amazon (if you want maximum guarantees) or from other sites (see GliStockists) if you are looking for savings.

Hi, a piece of advice please 🙁 I have to change my old smartphone and the budget available is about 300 euros .. I was oriented on G3 2 gb of ram and on asus zenfone 2 with 4gb of ram. Which one do you recommend?

for camera and display definitely the G3. Probably also with regards to drums and aesthetics but, on the latter point, it depends a lot on personal taste.

For performance definitely the Zenfone 2 Ze551ML which has 4gb of ram and a 64bit processor.

1. the phone to buy is the one referred to at the link http://amzn.to/1kRRMZd which costs 329 euros.

3. If you buy 50 euros of gift vouchers you have 10 of bonuses to spend: http://amzn.to/1LdpJca

So you can have the phone at a net cost of 309 euros sold and shipped by Amazon. This is fundamental for the guarantee, as you can read in point 7.3 of my online shopping guide: http://www.tuttoapp-android.com/come-acquendere-online-risparmiando-sicurezza/

The Zenfone 2 is a great product, but at the moment it is not sold by Amazon and, from experience, I tell you that buying from the American giant is really great.

Thank you so much for the advice and for the timeliness! I’ll think over and let you know my choice!

Imagine, it’s a pleasure for me (and my collaborators) to be able to help hundreds of users every day.

Hi, advice please. I have to change my iPhone 4 and I wanted to throw myself on android. Budget 300-350 €. I would like a fluid device, good camera, excellent autonomy, good reception, 5 inches (I also consider 5.5 as long as it is optimized in space). I don’t care about modding. For now I am considering honor 7, Motorola x play and Sony m4 dual (16 gb). Which one do you recommend? I also accept recommendations from other models

I suggest you take a moment of patience while waiting for the price of LG G4 with leather cover to be further lowered.

1. The only phones that offer Android as developed by Google are the Nexus. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the latest entries do not inspire me too much confidence.

Motorola’s have “pure” firmware (without modifications or customizations) because the brand was acquired by Google before it resold it to Lenovo.

2. Amazon, for products “sold and shipped by Amazon, offers 30 days to return the products and a two-year warranty in which, at the slightest problem, refunds or exchanges the phone.

3. Lg G4 should be a balanced smartphone capable of offering everything. With 300 euros, however, perfection is more difficult to achieve and you have to give up something.

On the other hand, even the iPhone, originally sold for € 900, must be charged twice a day with average use.

In the meantime, let me know your first impressions about my answer, then let’s evaluate the possible solutions together.

Hi thanks for the reply! For now I had tightened my circle to moto x play and honor 7. I like the LG G4 but it is already starting to be too big as a display (assuming that I don’t know if moto x play is the same since I can’t find it in stores to see it).

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