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It costs around 170 euros. Get the version sold and shipped by Amazon so that it can have the maximum guarantee. You spend about ten euros more, but you have safe packaging, a month in which you can return the phone directly from the control panel if you don’t like it. Furthermore, during the two-year warranty, Amazon offers you the replacement of the phone or the reimbursement of expenses incurred for any problem.

I got the same phone for my girlfriend two months ago and she’s doing great: it runs much better than a P8 lite which, although more expensive, is worse.

The moto g2015, in the variant with 2gb of ram, can constitute a second balanced phone capable of satisfying the needs you have represented for me.

Hello everyone, I own a Sony Z3, but I’m looking for a smartphone that has an excellent camera without having to change settings by spending a low amount given the models listed above who can help me !!!!!! I would be very grateful, good continuation from Andrea

One of the smartphones with the best camera (and not only) is the G4 which, on Amazon (not exactly from the local shop), is sold at a competitive price: http://amzn.to/20e6Q6u

The G4, as far as the camera is concerned, has peculiar characteristics: it allows you to save your shots in RAW DNG format (uncompressed) and to shoot in manual mode; it has a focal aperture of 1.8, which allows the entry (pass me the term) of much more light; all improved and perfected sensors (CSS-Color Spectrum Sensor, stabilizer); has the quick shot for shots even with the display off.

Convinced that I have clarified your ideas, I ask you to write to me if your budget is less.

Hi Giò thank you for your commitment but the budget at my disposal does not exceed € 200, I had seen an asus Ml551 Laser on offer, what do you think about the figure of about € 176 always on amazon, I am waiting for your new ones

Hi Giò I do not want to change it is simply that the photographic sector of the Z3 is too cumbersome I am looking for a device with a camera that if you need to take a sunset sunrise animal photo quickly just a click and you find yourself a beautiful photo without having to retouch

1. the product is sold and shipped by Amazon. This means you will have 30 days to return the product for free directly from your account and a 2 year warranty in which the phone will be replaced or refunded for any problems.

2. Starting from this affiliate link, the Tuttoapp-android editorial staff will earn a little something. We recently invested in high-performance servers: that’s why we went offline.

3. The price should be the lowest on the net. In fact, in the other colors it costs more.

4. the model is not the one with the 8mp camera (ze500kl), but the one with a 5.5 “display and 13” camera. As you well know, however, the megapixels leave the time they find. In this case, however, we have the laser technology for very fast focusing.

5. I gave my girlfriend the version with the 5 ″ display and the 8mp camera and she is fine. This one I linked to you should be even better.

Giò then you advise me to take ‘Asus you linked from 5.5 ″ ??? I’m waiting for your answer, hello from Andrea

Yes, just that of the link in the 190 version sold and shipped by Amazon. So, if you don’t like it, you can send it back.

Hi Giò thank you for everything, also you and your staff deserve the trust

Good evening, for two years I have had a Samsung Note 3 which has slowed down considerably after the last update. A continuation is planted. L

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