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If you read the features of this Samsung TV, which appears in the charts of the best-selling products, you will often encounter the term “quantum”.

Quantum Led, Quantum HDR, Quantum Picture … and there is also the Q Style. What do they mean? Do they have real value for the buyer?

The word Quantum Led, as we have already explained, defines an accessory technology to normal liquid crystal screens.

It would be complex to explain how it works in detail, but we can say that it is a sort of additional filter, composed of quantum dots (Quantum Dots), that is to say microcrystals that are the size of a water molecule.

Thanks to them, a QLed screen, compared to a normal LED LCD, should guarantee a higher and warmer color range. And so it is with this model.

We then talk about QHDR: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which translated means “extended dynamic range”. It is a typical technology of 4k TVs, which guarantees a wider range of colors and brightness. Specifically, purer whites and darker, deeper blacks.

The potential of HDR is very high, but the TVs that support it also show very different results.

The “Q” technology is expected to further improve performance. Overall, this Samsung model manages HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG more than adequately, especially compared to the current price, but the opinions of experts and simple users are not particularly enthusiastic on this front.

The Q Style is a gimmick thanks to which, once the TV is turned off, the Ambient Mode Function can be activated: the screen harmonises and adapts to the colors and design of your living room, transforming itself into a sort of painting.

Finally, the Quantum 4K Processor, which offers an upscaling function and adapts the lighting to the ambient light and calibrates the sound based on the scenes or video content.

Overall, the final result is very good. The TV boasts a contrast ratio of 6450: 1, perfect in both dark and bright lighting.

There is also the Enhance digital view setting, which when adjusted automatically limits the banding effect in dark areas.

Likewise, the Auto Motion Plus adjustment eliminates any problems with moving images that are already optimally displayed on the TV.

Good news for those who love action films and, above all, use TV for video games. From this point of view, this Samsung model retains the excellent performance of the previous ones.

The integrated audio speakers are of good quality, but small in size. Dialogues and sound are not at all affected by this aspect, but a bit of cleaning is lost on the bass tones and to fill a large room or have an audio up to certain contents in 4k, perhaps it is better to think about the purchase an additional soundbar.

For the typical functions of a Smart TV, Samsung relies on the Tizen OS system, tested and complete, reliable and rich.

There are the most popular streaming apps: from Netflix to Amazon Prime, easily accessible from the remote control.

Searching for content is made particularly easy by the ability to give voice commands to the remote control.

The TV can also communicate with other electronic tools, in particular with digital home assistants, such as Google Assistant, Amazon alexa, and Apple’s AirPlay 2.

Basically, at the current price this Samsung model is a great buy, and in our opinion deserves to be designated in this five the best Samsung 55 inch 4k tv.

This Samsung model is part of the RU8000 series, which replaced the glorious NU8000 in 2020. A legacy that is difficult to collect.

It has an elegant appearance, supported by T-shaped legs that require a sufficiently wide support base.

The contrast value is excellent (5900: 1), the color range is very wide, although lower than that of the competitor QLed, first in this guide.

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