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For this edition, the finalists were selected by the organizing committee of the Award on the basis of the proposals and recommendations provided by the bookstores and libraries of the participating centers: Turin, Rome, Sulcis (Iglesias-Carbonia), Monza, NPL Campania and Genoa.

For the Book Networks section (best reading promotion project aimed at children between 0 and 6 years old) the following are awarded:

Consolidated projects: Vittoriese library system (TV) – Project title: Local project Born to Read «A rich and articulated project is awarded, spread over a capillary and integrated network, aimed at promoting reading since the prenatal period. It also has information materials in a foreign language.

Beginning projects: Cisterna di Latina Municipal Library – Project title: LeggiAmo. “The Cisterna Library has promoted and activated a network with the municipal libraries of Aprilia and Cori, involving basic pediatricians operating in the two neighboring territories, carrying out online activities to promote reading from prenatal to preschool age and training for adults. The presentation of the network and the commitment to communication and participation in national reading promotion events are commendable “.

The Pasquale Causa section (pediatrician who promotes the practice of reading aloud among families) decrees doctor Domenico Capomolla from Reggio Calabria as the winner. «Co-founder of the group Born to Read in Reggio Calabria, he personally contributed to find funds to promote the project. He uses the book as a tool for assessing the child’s development and promotes reading beyond the clinic, using different forms of communication “.

Monday 14 May at 2.30 pm (Stock space – Pavilion 5 – Lingotto Fiere) organized by the Piedmont Region, Book Fair and National Coordination Born to Read, the round table “Nine years of great stories for young readers” will be held, through the history of the Prize an analysis on the evolution of children’s books and a reflection on the need for further changes in language and image. It will also be an in-depth study on the usefulness and significance of a literary prize today. Speakers: Marnie Campagnaro, Giovanna Malgaroli, and thanks to the collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Turin, the German author and illustrator Ole Könnecke, winner of the 2012 award, will be present. Moderator: Eugenio Pintore.

The Prize is flanked by the Laboratories at the Bookstock Village, at the Npl Piemonte stand, created in collaboration with the Civic Libraries and the Culture Center for Art and Creativity of Iter (Turin Institution for Responsible Education).

On Thursday 10 May at 10.30 the Nicoletta Costa workshops will be inaugurated with an activity between drawing and reading, curated by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, which will see her protagonist together with her trusted friend Giulio Coniglio.

The workshops cannot miss the winners of the 9th edition of the National Prize Born to Read: Monday 14 at 10.30 it will be possible to participate in the “Orsogonal Projections” workshop with Noemi Vola, curated by Corraini Edizioni; at 11.45 am: the author Elisa Mazzoli reads the exploits of Piedino and his journey to discover the world to young readers; at 1 pm: Joanna Dillner, editor of Bohem Press Italia, tells the adventures of Max and his cart; Kitty Crowther will instead be present at the final ceremony.

The Jury, designated by the Prize Promoting Committee, is made up of teachers, experts in children’s literature, librarians, pediatricians, specialized booksellers, journalists, specifically for this edition: Anna Parola, Libreria dei Ragazzi di Torino, president of the Jury , Maria Mussi Bollini, deputy director of RAI Ragazzi, Marnie Campagnaro, professor of Theory and History of Children’s Literature at the University of Padua, Antonella Cavallo, International Book Fair-Foundation Circolo dei readers, Donatella Curletto, librarian in Genoa, Paola Ganio Vecchiolino, Piedmont Region, Fernanda Melideo pediatrician in Rome, Patrizia Musco, librarian in Turin, Riccardo Pontegobbi, expert in literature for children and young people, Anna Romano, teacher of reading workshops in Turin and Giovanna Sciacca, mother from Turin attentive to the reading of her sons.

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