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The two were more or less the same age, had similar tastes (Bob Dylan, among others) and a relationship that Schlender has repeatedly called “professional”. Rick Tetzeli was the editor-in-chief of Fortune, worked with Schlender for years, and ultimately decided to team up to bring this book to fruition. The volume is quite “balanced” and takes into consideration various aspects and stories neglected in Isaacson’s.

Probably the best known volume and the only biography officially “authorized” by Jobs himself. Isaacson was editor-in-chief of Time magazine and is the author of some of the most successful biographies of recent years about Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Einstein. The author has had the opportunity to speak with Jobs in more than forty interviews in over two years, he has done more than one hundred interviews with family, friends, rivals and colleagues. The result is a complete volume which retraces Jobs’s life, his mania for perfection, the ferocious charisma that revolutionized sectors of the economy and business, the world of computers, animated cinema, telephony, electronic publishing.

Jobs agreed to write the biography without imposing any constraints or even pretending to read it before its release. A bit as if he knew he was about to leave our world, he encouraged acquaintances, family and friends and rivals to tell the truth. Jobs himself speaks frankly (sometimes even abruptly) about people he has had to deal with, about the demons that characterized the first part of his life (always ready to unleash his anger against those who did not want to follow him. ). The volume starts from his childhood, up to the discovery of the disease and the last days of his life. A fundamental book to learn about aspects of his history, lessons on innovation, leadership and values ​​to be taken into account as a warning.

What was the secret of Steve Jobs’ success? Try to explain this book that delves into the mind of the “most sensational business of all time”. Jobs is described as a strongly elitist spirit, bad at managing human relationships and yet able to surround himself with the best collaborators of international caliber. Buddhist, anti-materialist, highly skilled communicator: contradictions from which he drew a business philosophy that led his company to achieve unthinkable goals in new markets, through the practice of innovation. From the birth of the first Mac to the iPhone, the author traces the stages of Steve Jobs’s professional and private life, a biography that is not very rich but a source of ideas for those who want to understand how to set up a winning management style.

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