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A zoom on publishing for children and young people, with the collaboration of LiBeR: reviews, interviews, insights, surveys, data and comments on editorial production

The “scratchy” notes from the LiBeR column of the same name on the most questionable vices and behaviors of the current publishing offer

There are many authors interviewed by LiBeR: their interviews are available here in full version and, for foreigners, also in the original language

The award that supports the best books, publishing and reading promotion projects for the little ones. With the collaboration of LiBeR

An exclusive package of surveys, promoted and created by LiBeR and updated every year, to learn about the best books for children, those most loaned in Italian libraries and those best sold in bookstores

A review of websites, blogs, online periodicals of Italian literature and childhood culture by Federica Mantellassi

Reviews of essays and work tools for those who want to learn more about reading and children’s books

Events promoted by LiBeR and the regional service center for children’s libraries in Tuscany

Quarterly of bibliographic information and critical orientation: since 1988 the privileged observatory of the phenomena that have affected the world of books for children and young people. LiBeR provides all the necessary updates to follow the trends in the sector: reviews, critical contributions and reading proposals, interviews, dossiers, surveys, analyzes and cards of all the new books for children and young people published in Italy since 1987.

Thanks to the collaboration between the National Central Library of Florence and LiBeR, the printed series Children’s Books of the Italian National Bibliography continues with The National Bibliography of Children’s Books, which comes out as an editorial insert of LiBeR starting from issue 74 (April – June 2007).

In LiBeR and LiBeR Database, all the reports of new books for children and young people are accompanied by “stars” – taken from LiBeR Database – which offer an evaluation of each document

S. Barsotti; L. Cantatore (curators). Children’s literature. Forms, themes and symbols of the contemporary, Rome, Carocci, 2019

A. Dal Gobbo. When adults read to children: the most beautiful books for children chosen with Born to Read, Rome, Donzelli, 2019

F. Venerandi; J. Nacci; I. Ruby; G. Magini; A. Lolli. Guide to the nerd imagination, Bologna, Odoya, 2019

Hamelin Cultural Association (curator). Classy choices. Reading in Circolo, promoted by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth and organized by Libraries of Rome and Center for Book and Reading (MIBAC), in collaboration with PlayTown, Rome, 2019


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